Adjudicators working for the Tenancy Deposit Schemes must be impartial analysts of evidence: "…an adjudicator's starting position mirrors that of the courts … This process is evidence based." 1   They will never visit the property in question and can only make decisions based upon what they see in front of them. They do not have time to waste and therefore need to see the best evidence possible, accompanied by relevant documents in support and proof that proper procedures have been followed throughout. They have heavy caseloads and cannot and should not have to wade through irrelevant, poorly prepared, inadequate or subjective evidence.

An Ingenious Inventory:

• Assists Adjudicators/ICE's with succinct, dated, relevant and highly accurate evidence of "before and after" state and condition, all compiled by a lawyer

• Allows faster adjudication of disputes because both written and visual evidence is precisely catalogued and referenced to the issues in dispute

Supports landlord and tenant equally and impartially in the evidential process

• Is absolutely objective as it is based upon a meticulous written report, corroborated by a professional, high resolution forensic film of the highest calibre

• Is based upon rigorous, transparent, evidential procedures that ensure the tenant/s understand their obligations and have the opportunity to state their case at all stages

1 the joint statement of the 3 Tenancy Deposit Protection Schemes, Guide to Deposits, Disputes and Damages, 2011

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