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Ingenious Inventories Ltd offers the most advanced evidential protection for the parties to a lease available in the UK today. The Company is a specialist provider of High Definition, forensic video inventories and our agents are highly trained to document all evidence to the level expected in court proceedings.

We offer detailed Schedules of Condition for small to medium sized retail, office and commercial premises where tenants have internal redecoration and repairing obligations in the lease, rather than full repairing and insuring obligations.

Freeholders, commercial landlords and commercial tenants all need to be able to establish a benchmark of state and condition at the commencement of a tenancy in order to avoid time consuming and expensive dilapidations claims at the end of the term. This is a matter of clear cut, unassailable evidence of condition before and after. It's that simple.

We produce the highest quality Schedules of Condition, corroborated by High Definition video evidence prior to occupation by the tenant company and may be instructed by either the freeholder, landlord or tenant, or, increasingly, jointly. Our independence is guaranteed and joint instructions not only reduce cost but increase evidential certainty for all parties.

We will document:

• state and condition of the fabric of the building (excluding structural defects);

• snagging;

• state and condition of any fixtures and fittings;

• any repairing or maintenance issues;

• any security issues.

Combined with our commercial EPC service, there is no comparable service in the market place today.

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