Fixtures and Fittings Valuation Service

We offer a valuation service for your home contents (fixtures and fittings) for the following purposes:

• Insurance

• Stamp Duty/Resale

• Probate

• Divorce


It is critical that you are able to objectively justify your claims of replacement value in any insurance claim situation. You will need absolute evidence of the existence and previous condition of the items in question.



Many Purchasers of domestic property wish to purchase from the Seller all or some of the fixtures and fittings in the house they are buying such as bespoke curtains or a summer house. We provide a full inventory and replacement valuation of the relevant chattels at extremely competitive prices and are routinely instructed by either party in the transaction, or jointly, thus splitting the cost. We will also provide standard life expectancies for various fixtures and fittings, thus assisting the parties in negotiating depreciation and sale price.

Ingenious Inventories is a specialist in high calibre, detailed inventory provision. Although we are not tax advisors, many Purchasers in domestic property transactions seek the comfort of knowing they have an independent listing and valuation of the chattels in question, over and above the value of the bricks and mortar, just in case the Inland Revenue ever asks them to justify the figures for Stamp Duty purposes. The Seller of course needs to establish an objective baseline valuation on which to base negotiations.

Our expertise lies in:

• the legal definitions of "chattels" and all the complexity that can accompany such a classification;

• life expectancy of chattels;

• depreciation of chattels.


Ingenious Inventories offers a full Probate Valuation service, working closely with solicitors and private clients. Our valuation helps you ascertain the estate’s value, enabling you to compare liabilities and determine what, if any, inheritance tax is payable. We understand that the whole issue of probate valuation can be distressing and we are committed to providing a probate valuation service that is sensitive to this and enables our clients to complete the process with ease.

To understand even more about probate and the issues surrounding probate the Law Society provides a wealth of information. Check out the following guide on their website;

We operate across the south of England and up into the Midlands.


Clearly, when emotions are running high in divorce proceedings, the availability of dispassionate, independent evidence of the matrimonial assets, their condition and value, is invaluable. This calibre of evidence can greatly reduce the acrimony and delay sometimes associated with financial settlements in these cases.

Specialised assets, such as antiques, works of art, stamp, book and coin collections, jewelry and other high value or rare items will be valued by our specialist partners across the UK. Where necessary, for very high value items and estates we will employ the services of a specialist RICS Chartered Surveyor.

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