This visit is where the entire property is documented to a level of detail you will probably never have seen before. Ingenious Inventories does not "make" inventories; it forensically documents evidence. The 3 Deposit Protection Schemes want this to be conducted by independent, qualified professionals.


You will receive:

• The most detailed written inventory that references perfectly to...

• A High Definition, forensic quality film of the entire property on DVD (or BluRay if necessary).

• Full audio commentary

• Accurate, dated, recording of all fixtures and fittings, including:

- Weather and lighting conditions

- functionality (impossible to show with photos)

- condition,

- relative location, size and 3-dimensionality (impossible with photos)

- cleanliness

- Visual and physical proof of cleanliness (or lack of it)

• Testing all appliances for power

• Recording the make and serial number of all appliances where possible without moving them

• Testing smoke alarms where accessible

• Certificates and manuals filmed to show compliance and best practice

• Meter readings if conducted on the day of Check In

• Easy to navigate menus

• Separate chapters for super fast browsing

• (Multiple, ultra-secure back-ups are kept by us in case of loss or damage)

• A damage and maintenance report on any areas that may need attention;

• Carried out by our qualified agents recording the highest calibre of evidence available in the UK.

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