This visit is critical:

• evidentially

• procedurally

• as a determinant of future tenant behaviour

Check Ins are no longer just about key handover and meter readings and must be conducted in a very specific and highly professional way to avoid future problems.
houses The psychological power of a professional, forensic film of every square inch of the tenant's new home, coupled with a comprehensive written inventory of this quality, does more to change the tenant's perception of the property and his/her relationship to the landlord or agent than anything else available. The tenants are 'educated' as to this evidential power but are also shown how, equally, it protects them, thus focusing them on their responsibilities and simultaneously relaxing them into the new relationship.

Procedural best practice is supported by the 3 Deposit Protection Schemes and inventories should not therefore be left with tenants for them to go through on their own. Ingenious Inventories Ltd adopts best practice at every stage and therefore leaves every Check In appointment with a piece of amended, agreed and signed evidence. Every entry in the inventory is scrutinized with the tenant and, if appropriate, amended to their satisfaction. The tenant also signs the actual DVDs, thus proving service of the film.

Our agent will document the handing over of the keys, record the meter readings in the tenant's presence and will orient them within the property. In accordance with best evidential practice, they will be provided with a detailed set of recommendations relating to care of the property and the Check-out process. This reflects well on you as a responsible landlord/ letting agent and is yet another preventative to deposit disputes.

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