As with all other stages of the inventory process, the Check Out is of enormous evidential importance and, if possible we will leave the property with an agreed and signed statement as to damage/cleaning. Ingenious Inventories agents are trained legally to understand that it is not about the existence of damage, but about proving the existence of damage. Everything from the manner in which the tenant is invited to attend this appointment, to the manner in which it is conducted, can cause an apparently solid case to fall apart.
lettingsPrior to attending the Check Out you should contact the tenants to remind them of their obligations as explained at Check In and in the Guidance Notes in the Main Inventory. They should also be encouraged to watch the DVD, especially in furnished tenancies, so they can ensure everything is located and returned to its original location/condition. Ingenious Inventories will also contact them. We take no chances with our clients' assets.

We will:

cross check every element in the property, in the tenant's presence, with every entry in the Main Inventory

compare current condition and cleanliness of every item with that original entry

notate the Main Inventory with our findings,

obtain the tenant's signature, where possible, for each such entry

film, with measurements as appropriate, any areas of discrepancy, both for any damage claim and also for the landlord's or Managing Agent's information on maintenance or cleaning

• collect and supply you with the tenant's forwarding address

• remind the tenant to redirect his post

• document all meter readings

• document and take custody of the keys

• supply you with the signed Check Out inventory, a full Check Out Summary, a signed Tenant Declaration and the high resolution film if necessary.

The procedures developed and employed by Ingenious Inventories are so rigorous that the likelihood of a tenant attempting to dispute a proposed deduction from their deposit is minimal. If a dispute does arise, we will provide you with 2 lines of defence:

1. our Dispute Guarantee will fully cover you, or

2. if the tenant refuses to refer the matter to one of the ADR schemes and wishes to go to court, our agent can provide a full witness statement or appear in person for an agreed fee.

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