"We started using Ingenious Inventories on both the Sales and Lettings side of our business as a result of a recommendation. The service offered by Ingenious Inventories is highly efficient and professional and we found them to be particularly knowledgeable in all areas of the property business. The detailed written inventories are very thorough and the visual DVD version is an impressive additional tool.

Cobb Farr has not encountered inventories of this detail or calibre before in our industry."

Vivienne Hayes, Director, Cobb Farr Residential


"Just wanted to give you feedback regarding the inventory reports I have received so far, they have been fantastic, I have been very impressed with how accurate they are and how much easier it is to work out costing when dealing with deposits. It is great that I can refer to the video footage as it saves me having to waste time going down to properties to see the extent of the damage caused. I have had to do this on numerous occasions when dealing with other companies as their clerks descriptions have not been clear enough."

G. Conlon, Property Manager, Knight Frank Head Office, London

frank knight



"Ingenious Inventories provides the most remarkable and legally robust inventories we have ever seen. Our branch committee of the local National Landlord's Association, are always looking for interesting speakers. One of our committee members suggested we try Ingenious Inventories. At that time, little did I realise how much I would need their services. Ingenious Inventories gave our members a lively and innovative insight into how to tackle the continually difficult problem of inventories. Our local area has a very large student population where inventories are absolutely essential!

Shortly after this, I had to check an inventory with the most difficult, rude and aggressive tenant and parents I had ever come across in 16 years of being a student landlord. The only way forward was to seek help from Ingenious Inventories. At the end of the tenancy it gave us the security of knowing that we had an inventory which could not be disputed by the tenants.

This type of inventory is remarkable - a forensic video of every nook and cranny of the property together with a detailed written report. Compared with the old-fashioned type of inventory, these reports backed up by video are legally robust and are endorsed by all 3 of the Deposit Protection Schemes. Also, Ingenious Inventories video inventories are no more expensive than the old-fashioned paper inventories we are all used to.

Ingenious Inventories are professional and accommodating and I would recommend them to any landlord or letting agency."

Angela Hardacre Chairman of the National Landlords Association, Wessex



"Just wanted to say how impressed we've been with your services. You're probably the most professional property related services company we've seen (doing everything from stunning high definition video and written inventories, to EPCs and floor plans) which very much helps in taking hassle away from the letting agent. As agents we really don't enjoy the false economy of doing inventories in house and Ingenious Inventories Ltd makes the whole process pain free and leaves us with a lot more time to spend on marketing and making real money.

Ingenious Inventories really puts its money where its mouth is with the Dispute Guarantee. We would certainly highly recommend using these services to any other Letting Agent."

Bristol City Lets


"I have been a landlord for many years and I have never seen inventories like these. Ingenious Inventories provides the most detailed, professional quality films I have ever seen backed up with a top notch written inventory and a legal Dispute Guarantee (meaning I will never have to deal with a dispute, as their legal team deals with it all for me).

I can get all this for the same price as a "good quality" old fashioned written inventory (which, statistically, would let me down in the event of a dispute anyway).

These almost forensic inventories are also a really powerful tool in controlling my tenants, who are mostly students.

It's a no brainer and I urge any landlord to use Ingenious Inventories"

Mr Conrad Elliott, Landlord


"As tenants we have been very impressed indeed with the professionalism and helpfulness of Ingenious Inventories. We have never seen an inventory like it. They prepare an almost forensic high resolution film with audio commentary and a very detailed written report. If there is any doubt about the words, we can simply fall back on the film and everyone knows where they stand. We cannot be blamed for any pre-existing damage, we feel fully assured that we will get our deposit back at the end of the tenancy and overall we feel much more relaxed than we would with an old fashioned inventory.

I would highly recommend their services."

Mr P. Clarke, Tenant


"We have been immensely impressed and reassured by the way Ingenious Inventories Ltd conduct themselves in the hands of our clients. From a business and reputation point of view, when passing clients onto recommended companies, we are always a little apprehensive that our client may not be given the service that we would have given. With Ingenious Inventories I have no questions over their service levels, it's tremendously reassuring that they can take it out of our hands with both our clients and our best interests at heart.

The product offered is a very clinical one, not only protecting both landlords and tenants if there are disputes, but it's very transparent and easy to understand which in a day and age of legislation mumbo jumbo, is very refreshing. Therefore I strongly recommend Ingenious Inventories to any businesses/landlords that have a need for their service.

Many many thanks to the team at Ingenious Inventories for their continued support. A breath of fresh air!"

Willum Long Partner at Madison Oakley, Estate Agents and Chartered Surveyors.


“We trust Ingenious Inventories completely which is why they prepare all our inventories. They make it a very simple process for something that used to take our agent much longer and more importantly cost me more. The tenants have found it easy to see and understand. We have since noticed the increased care they take within the common parts. Because of the incredible high definition film that makes the written inventory beyond any argument, we get the flats back in better condition and so reducing the likelihood of any unwanted confrontation at the end of the lease. Thank you for this efficient service.”

W. Sturges, Director, Crystal Construction Ltd


"As an ARLA regulated agent it is imperative that we provide exceptional quality inventories that will protect our clients in the event of a dispute. Ingenious Inventories provide an impeccable inventory in written and video form that reassures us as an agent and our clients that, in the unlikely event of a dilapidation dispute, any arbitrator would find in favour of the rightful party. Although the inventory alone will provide reassurance there is the additional benefit of knowing that Ingenious Inventories guarantee to see any dispute through to resolution thus relieving the stress associated with time consuming deposit releases for any agent. We cannot recommend this service highly enough as a 'must' for any reputable agent!"

Sarah Dedakis, Azure Property Solutions

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