Firstly, we are landlords and have all been tenants and we believe in service. The team behind it all is drawn from the ranks of lawyers, lettings agents, professional television directors, ex deposit adjudicators, IT professionals and the police. Between us we are experts in both civil and criminal evidence and the optimum methods that should be used to gather, store and produce such evidence. We also draw upon the expertise of seasoned valuers, RICS surveyors, property management professionals and estate agents to provide unparalleled knowledge and service levels.

why use us

The Need

• letting and estate agents need more time, less stress and maximum profitability,

• landlords need happy tenants, no disputes and maximum profit,

• tenants need to feel protected by objective evidence and confident of full deposit return,

• Deposit Adjudicators/Judges need superb, succinct and relevant evidence,

• all parties in property transactions need superior service.

The Problem

The needs of the client/end user are not paramount. Often the speed of inventory production is the governing factor.

Property owners, their Agents and their tenants deserve optimum protection and service, but service providers do not want to change because it is expensive and uncomfortable.

Without the drive to optimize the client’s experience, there would be no Wikipedia, no Google, no Virgin, no iPhone and no Innocent Smoothies. We would still have slide rules, vinyl records and out houses.

The Solution

The ‘Ingenious’ approach answers all of these needs with innovative, state of the art solutions:

1. legally guaranteed, state of the art, written and forensic video property inspections,

2. video walk-throughs,

3. video surveys (for court or planning hearings),

4. video fixtures & fittings inventories (for sale and insurance purposes),

5. floorplans,

6. EPCs,

7. chattels and Probate valuations and,

8. through our Ingenious Money brand, access to the cheapest utilities, mobile, phone and broadband bundles in the market.

We know what we’re doing when it comes to evidence and our independence and absolute commitment to client care make us indispensable partners.

The Management Team

Philip Whealy LL.B

He is a solicitor (now retired) who specialised in medical law and litigation, practicing for many years in London. He was also a television producer/director for many years with his own independent production company making high-end corporate promotional films for companies ranging from pharmaceuticals, to dental practices, to schools, etc.

With the introduction of the Deposit Protection Scheme in 2007 and having been a landlord for over 20 years, Philip saw an enormous gap in the market for a Company that could reduce the stress landlords, their agents and the tenants experience. A professional service was required that dealt with deposit protection at an evidential level, removed any dispute administration from landlords/agents and provided a calibre and convenient one stop shop for everything from floor plans, to EPCs, to video walk throughs and even litigation related video evidence.

Rachel Reid BSc, AKC

Rachel became a Director of Ingenious Inventories in 2010. She was previously the Finance Director for a large charity and brings with her a wealth of experience in financial, business and personnel management, as well as database oversight, having originally graduated with top honours in Computer Science from Kings College London.

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