If you have ever been burgled or had some or all of your home destroyed by fire or flood, you will understand the depth of trauma and the time and stress involved in attempting to document and establish the value of your assets. It can happen to anyone, whether high net worth or otherwise, and although you may have insurance, you could find it extremely difficult to get the payout you deserve. Could you make a list now from memory of every item in your home, garage or shed? Do you know the make and model numbers of all your appliances? Do you have any idea of their value?

If you have valuable items in your home such as paintings, sculptures, musical instruments, books, etc, then they should be fully documented, together with their purchase price (backed up with relevant documentation) and their age.

Without a complete record of these items, you will be unable to prove they existed and may recover nothing. Even if the insurance company is persuaded, you will have to rely upon them to come up with a reasonable replacement value for your lost possessions – and it is likely that their estimate will be considerably less than the actual replacement value. You would be amazed at the total replacement value of even the every day items in your home and you may well find that you have an insured value for 'contents' which is well below the actual value of your household contents. Ingenious Inventories' inventory and valuation service can avoid all of these concerns.

If you want complete peace of mind and certainty in the event of a disaster necessitating an insurance claim, then you need a forensic, high resolution video inventory, backed up with all available documentary evidence and conducted by a professional independent specialist.

Benefits of Ingenious Inventories' Home Contents Service:

• Unassailable proof of the existence and condition of your chattels at a given date;

• Provision of high quality evidence of ownership in cases of loss (fire, flood, theft or other damage);

• Powerful evidence to assist the police in the event of a robbery, thus increasing the chances of recovery;

• Objective evidence of the value and condition of property to assist in divorce settlements;

• Copies of the high resolution footage, together with written supporting evidence, for you, your advisors, your insurance company, the police and all interested parties;

Peace of mind as all digital and written evidence is stored in accordance with the highest standards of security, with multiple secure backups in multiple locations;

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Ingenious Inventories Ltd is the leading provider of High Definition, forensic video inventories to both the domestic and commercial sectors. Calibre written reports come with every high resolution film. Our agents are trained to the highest standards to document all evidence to the calibre expected in court proceedings.

We offer insurance companies and property owners a state of the art service to document high value contents, fixtures and fittings. This may be for valuation purposes or to document damage following disasters such as fire and flood.

If fraud is suspected, we are able to provide a legally informed high definition film service to document the situation.

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