New build homes are rarely completed without there being numerous unfinished items left by the builder or caused by shoddy work or even inadequate materials, etc. If you are thinking of purchasing a new build home you should ensure that all such items are independently documented to a professional standard, so that you have the clout to force the developer or builder to return and finish the job before you complete on the purchase.


Ingenious Inventories Ltd is a specialist provider of High Definition, forensic video inventories both in the domestic and commercial sectors. Full written reports come with every high resolution film and our agents are trained to the highest standards to document all evidence to the calibre expected in court proceedings. Our trained agents will conduct a thorough inspection of your new home to ensure that everything is exactly as it should be. You will receive a full written report itemising all outstanding matters, backed up by a high resolution film with audio commentary, so you can pass that list to the developer.

The last thing you need when moving into your new home is to find that the developer/builder is just not interested in resolving the outstanding issues. A full Snagging Report from Ingenious Inventories Ltd will ensure that these matters cannot be ignored. They are there for all to see in an independent, professional quality film.

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