This inspection is important to ensure that contact is maintained with the tenant, any maintenance issues are noted and that the property is being kept in good order. It is necessary to conduct an interim inspection of a tenanted property regularly (often either 3 or 6 monthly), but it must be conducted in a highly professional and sensitive manner as the tenant's privacy is being invaded.
lettings If requested, Ingenious Inventories will automatically generate reminders for interim inspections at your chosen frequency and a full inspection will be carried out. Our agents will only film/photograph things that are showing severe signs of deterioration and will provide you with a detailed report.

Common areas of concern to which we will be alert are carpets, redecoration, damage to walls, mould growth, pets and smoking (if these are prohibited) and general levels of care. Our agent will record any issues that may be of concern to you, having filmed/photographed them where necessary and ensure the tenant signs a mid-term declaration for the Inventory file. The tenant will receive a copy of this.

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