Tired of Administering Deposit Returns?

"... I would kill for an inventory service that made my life easier at the end of each tenancy …"dispute guarantee

Welcome to the Ingenious legal 'Dispute Guarantee' which comes with every inventory we produce, if requested1. This Guarantee is also available at no extra cost!

In the highly unlikely event that the written and High Definition video evidence does not dispatch an attempted dispute, our Guarantee will fully cover the client and the agency in disputes within the Deposit Protection Schemes. In this case we will provide specialist legal advice under the supervision of our team of lawyers.

The Guarantee covers:

1. A telephone consultation on the strengths of your claim and how to present it.

2. A lawyer to negotiate with the tenant on your behalf.

3. Advice on what evidence you will require.

4. Professional drafting of your statement and any other documentation.

5. Compiling and referencing of your evidence.

6. Responding to the tenant's counterclaim.

7. Advice following receipt of the decision.

The Guarantee is available at no extra cost and will not only give you the optimal chance of success and huge reductions in stress, but it will save an agency hundreds of pounds in staff hours and administrative costs. If we perform an inventory at the beginning of a tenancy, the landlord/letting agent is covered for disputes relating to that tenancy, no matter how long the tenancy lasts. The service is available regardless of the nature of the claim and is not limited to disputes over damage to the property. For example, disputes over rent arrears and other breaches of contract are covered too.

Of course, you are solely responsible for the tenancy agreement, service of the inventory (in some cases), keeping and collating all relevant purchase receipts, properly detailed works orders for tradesmen, relevant correspondence and any other relevant documentation relating to items that have been purchased, repaired, decorated, etc. Failure to provide such documentation to us within 4 working days of activation of the Dispute Guarantee could invalidate the Guarantee and in any event could mean that we are unable to negotiate successfully on your behalf.

You deserve a break. That's why Ingenious Inventories is here.

1 full terms and conditions available to clients on request.

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