Landlords are tired of footing the bill for tenants who have not properly cleaned or maintained their properties. An inventory should be so powerful that it actually modifies tenant behaviour, not just ticks the 'inventory' box.


An Ingenious Inventory:

• Provides 100% piece of mind that the landlord will not wrongly lose money;

• Means landlords never deal with another dispute thanks to our 'Dispute Guarantee';

• Gives landlords more time, less stress and more profit;

• Ensures a significantly higher chance of winning money in any dispute (between 82% and 92% of landlords with inventories, lose all or some of their money claims in adjudications.1 Something is very wrong with the current inventory system.)

• Creates happier and better tenants - they cannot escape their responsibilities, but relax, knowing they cannot be blamed for existing damage either. They have certainty that their deposit will be fully returned if they care for the property. Our clients also report reduced wear and damage because tenants know that every inch has been documented;

• Allows landlords, whether here or abroad, to minutely examine their property in the comfort of their own home and consider improvements, etc;

Exceeds all the guidance on standards published by ARLA and the 2 Deposit Protection bodies on video and written evidence. These bodies actively encourage the use of professional quality video evidence.

Landlords have a right to demand all this as the minimum standard of evidence.

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1My Deposits and the DPS, 2010
2Joint statement of the 3 Tenancy Deposit Protection Schemes, Guide to Deposits, Disputes and Damages, 2011 and many other press releases and guidance notes.

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