Tenants want independent, objective inventories so they can never be blamed for pre-existing damage. They need to know they are guaranteed to receive 100% of their deposit back if they care for the property.


An Ingenious Inventory:

• Ensures that 100% of their deposit will be returned if they care for the property - there is no scope for subjective interpretations of the written inventory by the agency or landlord. Professionally shot film, corroborating a meticulous written report creates absolute objectivity

• Ensures the tenant cannot be blamed for any pre-existing damage to the property that may have been missed or subjectively described on a standard inventory

• Reassures the tenant of complete independence – a High Definition video inventory with no bias towards the landlord or the agency

• Helps to get any maintenance issues rectified faster at the start of a tenancy as the landlord/agent can watch the DVD and see the evidence

Avoids hassle at the end of the tenancy.

Tenants should demand nothing less than an inventory that ticks these boxes.

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