All 3 Deposit Protection bodies and the Courts endorse the use of calibre video evidence,1 stating that, "…an adjudicator's starting position mirrors that of the courts … This process is evidence based." 1


The UK's top letting agencies agree, and use Ingenious Inventories because it provides:

• Stunning inventories that far exceed the minimum standards published by ARLA and the 3 Deposit Protection bodies on independent photographic/video and written evidence:

- Meticulous written reports;

- Corroborated by forensic level High Definition films;

• The same pricing as an old fashioned written inventory;

• A Dispute Guarantee to eliminate the time and hassle involved in disputed deposit returns, included in the price;

• Avoidance of premium loading with Deposit Bodies;

• A dramatic change in tenant psychology, reducing damage and even fair wear and tear and virtually eliminating disputes;

• More time for sales and thus more profit;

• Expert eyes, ears and feedback on the ground;

• Enhanced marketing potential;

• Happy landlords = retention of existing business/more informed clients.

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1 Joint statement of the 3 Tenancy Deposit Protection Schemes, Guide to Deposits, Disputes and Damages, 2011 and many other press releases and guidance notes.


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