92% of Landords Lose Money!

In 2010, c.82 - 92% of landlords lost money in deposit disputes, despite having written inventories and usually, photos. Landlords lost £30 million in 2011 in adjudicated disputes and gave away millions more pre-dispute because of lack of evidence. This is inexcusable with the evidential and technical tools available in the 21st Century, but things are not improving:

• Agents have their premiums loaded and waste hours on deposit returns.

• Tenants mistreat properties and get away with it

• Deposit Adjudicators experience frustration with poor evidence.

• Landlords pay!

The Shocking Statistics

Did you know:

• There were over 23,000 adjudicated security deposit disputes in 2010?

• That between 82% and 92% of landlords with inventories lost money in deposit disputes, costing them an estimated £12-18million in 2010?

• As a landlord you have less than a 1 in 10 chance of winning a dispute with an old fashioned inventory?

• It is estimated that millions of pounds are wasted by landlords each year purchasing inventories that fail to provide clear proof of matters in dispute?

• That millions of pounds were written off by landlords and letting agents last year in informal, pre-dispute negotiations with tenants because they did not have enough evidence to stand their ground?

pie chart

You will see from these statistics that something is very wrong with the current inventory system. With the evidential and technical tools at our disposal today, there is absolutely no reason why an inventory should not provide unassailable evidence of 'before and after' condition and thus:

1. alter tenant behaviour/psychology from day one, and

2. avoid disputes arising in the first place, or

3. swiftly deal with informal disputes/negotiations, or

4. win formal disputes/adjudications should they still arise.

With Ingenious Inventories' combination of professional, forensic, High Definition film, full written evidence and legally guaranteed backup you can be assured that you have the best evidence and support available should a dispute arise.

"...but sometimes a dispute is unavoidable...'

Yes, we understand that no matter how strong the evidence is you may still encounter a persistent tenant or landlord who just wants a fight. This is where our legal 'Dispute Guarantee' and intimate knowledge of the adjudication process can eliminate the stress and wasted time involved in dealing with disputes.

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